Professional Proofreading Services

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“Because of my heavy workload as a full-time editor. journalist and photographer, I often fall behind in even accomplishing beta editing on my fiction. Jimmy’s concise copy skills and thoughtful critiques have helped me greatly in better preparing manuscripts for submission and to take a closer look at specific flaws in my execution.” – Mike Lee

We work with writers of all experiences and backgrounds when it comes to providing our proofreading services. Whether you’re a student who needs their dissertation to be perfect, a blogger in dire need of a second pair of eyes, or a first-time short story writer who needs to know if it all clicks, we are happy to help.

Proofreading isn’t something a lot of people relish. But we do. All of our editors and writers have years of experience in dealing with a constant flow of content, which helps us to deliver feedback and results within a short space of time. If you submit something to be proofread, expect us to get the job done on the same day.



What makes you suitable to help me?
We’re all, in truth, word nerds. All of the editors and proofreaders at Cultured Vultures live and breathe the written word. Collaborating daily to produce at least six professionally researched and formatted articles a day for the past three years puts is in the perfect position to help you out.

How does it work?
Our proofreading service is as straightforward as they come: send us your copy to be edited in Google Docs. We leave comments on mistakes and suggest possible improvements while also providing a conclusion on our overall thoughts on the piece; whether we liked it or not. Our feedback is honest, sometimes brutally so, but never unfair. You can even sit in on the session and watch as we edit away, if you’re so inclined.

How much do you charge?
We know that sometimes writing isn’t the most profitable of fields, which is why we tailor our prices to suit the respective writer. If you’re a student or a beginner, expect a reduction. Prices also vary depending on the length and style of your submission, which is why it’s best to contact us to discuss further at [email protected]. Send as much information as you can.

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