Project: The Perceiver – Everything You Should Know

Project the Perceiver

Gamers interested in Chinese history and culture have the future paved for them. Assassin’s Creed Jade will explore the Qin Dynasty (3rd century BC). Where Winds Meet will send you to the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127 AD). And now, a third competitor, Project: The Perceiver will bring you on a journey to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD).

Like the two other games mentioned, Project: The Perceiver is an open world action game. How will you forge your path in this majestic period in Chinese history? Here’s everything you should know about Project: The Perceiver.


When Is Project: The Perceiver Coming Out?

Project: The Perceiver was announced in November 2022. Since then, it’s seen a teaser trailer and even a 47-minute gameplay trailer. Unfortunately, Project: The Perceiver does not have an official release date yet.


What Is Project: The Perceiver About?

Project: The Perceiver is an open-world action game with the recurring themes of theaters and plays. The characters seem to perceive themselves as actors in a play. There are even special masks in the game that allow you to “switch roles” or change your appearance, abilities, and presumably more.

The “play” they keep mentioning could just be a metaphor. But maybe the game literally is just a big play that’s unfolding. Only time will tell.

The game takes place in the Tang Dynasty, specifically the Xuan Tang Dynasty, as specified by the official website. This period could refer to one of two times in the Tang Dynasty when an emperor named Xuanzong of Tang ruled. The first Xuanzong is not the same person as the second.

The website only gives a vague description of the plot. All it says is that a bizarre entity was spotted in the countryside. Your mission, presumably, is to investigate and deal with it.

The combat feels similar to Ghost Of Tsushima and the modern RPG Assassin’s Creed titles. You perform rapid strikes while parrying and dodging enemy attacks just as quickly.

They haven’t revealed how big the world is or how long the game will take to finish. Ideally, they’ll strike a good balance of gameplay, exploration, and plot.


Which Platforms Will Project: The Perceiver Launch On?

The Project: The Perceiver debut trailer came out on the PlayStation YouTube channel. The title specifically says “PS5 & PS4 Games.” So, it’s safe to say that Project: The Perceiver will launch on the PS5 and PS4.

However, during the gameplay trailer, the developers showcasing the game were playing it on PC. That means that a PC release should be just as likely.


Who Is Developing Project: The Perceiver?

Project: The Perceiver is being developed by Papergames’ 17ZHE Studio. Papergames is a company based in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China that publishes and develops games. It was founded in 2013 and mostly focuses on developing female-oriented mobile games. Opening a new studio may be Papergames’ way of branching out to other genres.

Aside from video games, Papergames also has its hands on animation, filming, and music.

As for the studio itself, very little is known about 17ZHE Studio or “17 ZHE Studio” as it was stylized in the trailer. Project: The Perceiver seems to be 17ZHE Studio’s first game. You can get a good look at the development team in the gameplay trailer.

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