PornHub Hand Out $25,000 College Grants

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PornHub and college don’t really associate with one another, unless you’re into that category or if you’re going with the stereotype of a college dropout becoming a porn star. PornHub are opposing the stereotype by promoting and financially supporting students to go onto further education.

The porn industry has been shamed for years, for either demeaning women or creating false expectations on what sex should be; taking away that intimate art form that sex supposedly is. Paying to watch other people have sex may disgust some, as does paying to learn disgust others. Currently, the average cost to go to college in America is around $22,000 (£14,389) dependent on the course.

Pornhub is in the big leagues in the world of porn, worth approximately $2,500,000,000 (£1,635,381,825), they are now offering a college scholarship worth $25,000 (£16,353) to one lucky student, whose parents hopefully won’t shame them for accepting it. This was announced on Wednesday by the scholarship website, “We work hard to help make millions of people feel happy every single day…In turn, we would like to help support the recipient of the first annual Pornhub Cares Scholarship to realize their goal of doing the same.” No mention of porn, the point is focussed on personal goals and happiness.

No doubt the multi-billion website makes people happy, but in order to make a student happy by receiving the $25,000 prize, they must fulfil the requirement of having at least GPA of 3.2 and not a hand in amateur porn, but to answer the simple question of “how do you strive to make others happy?” The irony within this is that, specifically at this age, some of the choices that are made, are those that would please our parents/guardians, and to make them proud, and ensure that you’ll have a job insured by your college education that’ll pay for them to end up in a real nice retirement home. But how would they feel about you taking money off a porn website, where the most searched category is “teen”?

Obviously, women activists have attacked the idea, as it’s supposedly luring young and vulnerable women into the dangerous world of pornography.

This wholes concept can be seen as controversial, and many have spoken out about it as money and porn make the well known concoction that is the porn industry, but when involving teenagers and education, it is plain to see where the concern and worry is directed at. However, PornHub did assure that applicant would not have to take part in pornographic and sexual activities in order to receive the scholarship.

So, would you take the scholarship?

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