New Zealand Herald use photo of Ryan Dunn instead of killed Israeli soldier

Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn

The New Zealand Herald has landed itself in some hot water by running a photo of deceased Jackass star Ryan Dunn instead of KIA Israeli soldier, Staff Sgt. Guy Boyland.

New Zealand born Boyland was downed by Hamas in Gaza on Friday during a firefight. The confusion between the two reportedly comes from Boyland having posted a photo of Dunn on his Facebook page following the personality’s death back in 2011. The newspaper have since issued an apology and pledge to tighten up their research procedures in the future.

Editor Shayne Currie said, “I have personally spoken to members of Guy’s family this morning, as has the CEO of APN, Jane Hastings. The family members have been remarkably forgiving, particularly in the circumstances. I have apologised for adding to their grief and I will keep them fully updated on how this happened as obviously it is unacceptable.

“We are currently looking into what checks were made regarding the two images, with a view to ensuring procedures are reviewed to ensure that there is no repeat of this error in the future.”

Bad, bad form.


Source: Mashable

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