Killing Eve: Season 5 – Everything You Should Know

Killing Eve Villanelle
Killing Eve Villanelle

Killing Eve was one of the more captivating spy thriller series produced by Sid Gentle Films for BBC America. Eve Polastri and Villanelle’s iconic cat-and-mouse game and complex relationship took viewers for an intense and emotional rollercoaster ride throughout its four seasons. Its fourth season ended in 2022, yet you might still be looking for Killing Eve: Season 5.

As you probably heard, most of the fans didn’t like Season 4’s ending. Some even argue that the show’s quality dropped after the first two seasons. So, does this ruin all chances for Season 5? Was a fifth season even considered in the first place? Here’s everything you should know about Killing Eve: Season 5.


When Will Killing Eve: Season 5 Be Released?

The quick answer is never. Killing Eve: Season 5 has no release date because its run was completed. In March 2021, two months after Season 4 was announced, it was revealed that Killing Eve would bid farewell in the fourth season. And it did just that, as the finale concluded the story and closed the possibility for Killing Eve: Season 5.

Still, there’s a chance the show will live on through spin-offs. There are rumors that a Killing Eve spin-off is under development, and it’ll focus on the early life of Carolyn Martens in MI6. Although it hasn’t been officially announced or greenlit, it matches the statements of AMC Networks’ president, Dan McDermott, saying he looks forward to exploring potential extensions of this compelling universe.


Will The Cast Return For Killing Eve: Season 5?

Since the show ended with Season 4, the cast will not return for Killing Eve: Season 5. Sandra Oh even stated she might not be open to reprising her role in the future. “I don’t know because for me when I close something, I close it. For me, just how I work, I do, and I don’t really need to go back,” the actor answered in an interview with Extra.

On the other hand, you might see Fiona Shaw return as Carolyn Martens if the spin-off rumors are true. Imogen Daines could also come back since she already portrayed a younger version of the character in Killing Eve. They might even cast a new actor altogether or use de-aging effects on Shaw if it does turn out to be a prequel.


What Could Killing Eve: Season 5 Be About?

Considering the previous season’s ending, it’ll be difficult for the writers to think of storylines for Season 5. One reason is that they’ll have to find a way to bring back Villanelle from her character’s fate in Season 4 unless they decide to move forward without her. But this seems unlikely since the show has always been about Eve and Villanelle’s obsessive relationship.

But if Villanelle did return, the season could have her and Eve hunting down Carolyn for revenge. This also gives the writers a chance to fix the previous season’s ending and finally deliver a conclusion that does justice to the show. For now, Eve and Villanelle’s story is done unless a surprise reboot or renewal happens.

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