Here’s One of the Worst Wrestling Matches Imaginable

awful awful wrestling

Say what you want about how strictly WWE is run, but as long as it means we avoid watching messy matches like these, it could prove to be a good thing.

I’m not taking anything away from the talent of these amateur wrestlers. Because there is none to begin with. I don’t think you should even attempt to be a wrestler unless you’ve had the years of training, and that’s just not because I’m being a health and safety dollard. These guys patently cannot wrestle:

– The table doesn’t break
– The flame on the table goes out too easily
– The guy in a skirt can’t even get the lid off the fuel canister
– No sense of choreography

I could go on. Just watch the video below and leave a comment if you agree. Could it be as bad as backyard wrestling? No matter the case, looks like they could do with some health and safety training.

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