Grim Apparel Launch New Range

Grim Apparel

We are huge, HUGE fans at Cultured Vultures of Grim Apparel: an online retailer for streetwear garms that is really starting to make an impact on the scene.


So, imagine how we thrilled we were to be able to bring you their newest and slickest products, directly to your eyeballs. Known for being crisp, unique and distinctly affordable, Grim Apparel are set for a massive 2014 and with the line-up below, you can easily see why this brand by owners Dominic and Curtis has really taken off.

Curtis of Grim brings you some of his upcoming favourites.


G R I M x U R B A N C O U T U R E

Image of G R I M x U R B A N C O U T U R E
This is our most recent project with the guys from Urban Couture. We’ve made a fresh custom logo, put one of our designs on the back and let Urban go crazy with the luminous custom sleeves and if you ask us, we think this is one of the best things we have seen in a while.

G R I M  D E C K

Image of G R I M D E C K
Made from Canadian Maple with a 7ply core, great for decoration although it can be used as an deck.
Not advised to grind with though as this deck is engraved and the layers underneath are less sturdy than regular decks.


Image of C A T S K U L L
There’s three things we love and that’s mandalas, geometric shapes and dotwork. We know there’s a craze for cats at the moment so we found this design by Joanna Litwin of a catskull and just fell in love with it.

G A N E S H  C A S E

Image of G A N E S H C A S E P R E - O R D E R
Our Ganesh design by 1000eyesdesign has probably been our most popular design we have ever had at Grim Apparel. We’ve sold out of our Ganesh hoody numerous of times, so we smashed it especially onto iPhone cases and it looks sick!

G R I M  M A N

Image of G R I M M A N

Everyone loves a man with a beard and tattoos. That’s all that needs to be said.

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