Former Evolution Studios Leads Announce Creation of Wushu Studios

Wushu Studios

A new game development studio was officially announced on January 15th, 2018 and it already has some big names among their ranks. Wushu Studios, a Liverpool-based UK studio, revealed themselves to the world on Monday, announcing that they have brought on talent such as Alan McDermott, Nigel Kershaw, and Stuart Trevor, all of whom previously worked at Evolution Studios. Notable games from Evolution Studios are Motorstorm and Driveclub, but Wushu Studios says it won’t be making racing games.

After Evolution Studios closed in 2016 Alan McDermott went on to work on the VR god-game Tethered as the creative director. Tethered places you in the role of a Spirit Guardian commanding your loyal servants to rebuild and restore balance to your world. This might give an idea of the type of game we may be able to expect out of Wushu Studios with McDermott at the helm.

Wushu Studios revealed that they are working on a science fiction IP for their first game which is being prototyped on Unreal Engine 4. That’s all the information we have on their first game for now, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for when more information is revealed. With Wushu Studios’ history and talent, we’re hoping for the best out of their future titles.

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