Dandadan Anime – Everything You Should Know

A Dandadan anime is closer than it seems


Among the new wave of shōnen manga, Yukinobu Tatsu’s Dandadan is a wild card due to its unorthodox, and sometimes bizarre, approach to the genre. It’s loaded with action, romance, and supernatural thrills, but then again, you’d expect nothing less from someone who assisted Tatsuki Fujimoto with Chainsaw Man.

With over 11 volumes and 120 chapters in circulation, Dandadan has finally gathered a firm following. Recent rumors suggest that a Dandadan anime is on the way, and though there hasn’t been an official confirmation yet, these rumors do carry weight – if only a little.

When Is The Dandadan Anime Coming Out?

The Dandadan anime does not have a release date. The closest we’ve come to hearing about an anime adaptation was when reliable leaks suggested that, however, much time has passed since, and though chances are bright due to the manga’s popularity, you’ll have to wait a little for it to be official.

The anime should be announced in a few months with a release date lined up for sometime in late 2024. Generally, rumors shouldn’t be entertained, but whenever it’s about an anime adaptation, it has always come true as was with Kaiju No. 8 and Zom 100, and this time the probability is just as much.


What Is The Dandadan Anime About? (Spoiler Alert)

Dandadan follows two misfits, Ken Takakura and Momo Ayase, who take on various paranormal adventures. The story begins with Ken trying to convince Momo that aliens exist, but ghosts don’t, whereas Momo believes the exact opposite.

This prompts them to head out to where sightings of ghosts and aliens have been reported. Much to their surprise, both of them are right, and the world is far creepier than they imagined. With their new discovery, they get tangled in a slew of creepy misadventures that will change their lives forever.


Which Studio Is Making The Dandadan Anime?

There’s a strong suspicion that either Studio MAPPA or Studio Bones will be animating the Dandadan anime. Yukinobu Tatsu once worked as an assistant to the creators of Chainsaw Man and Hell’s Paradise, and both of these critically acclaimed manga were adapted by MAPPA into an anime, so it’s possible that Yukinobu might prefer going the same route with his own creation.

Studio Bones, known for Bungou Stray Dogs, and My Hero Academia, is also a running contender for the Dandadan anime. It’s a solid choice since their animation is of the same, if not better, quality than MAPPA.


Where Will The Dandadan Anime Be Aired?

The Dandadan anime will likely air on Crunchyroll and Netflix upon release, though chances are just as high that it gets limited to one of these services exclusively. Both Netflix and Crunchyroll have plenty of anime available to watch, and many of them include shows specific to each service. That said, Crunchyroll does have a bigger library, and most anime almost always end up on the platform sooner or later.

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