Celebrating the Internet: Why Online Tech has Opened the Door to New Experiences

If the Internet can be thanked for anything, it’s its ability to present us with new experiences. Today, learning about a culture 5,000 miles away or watching the mating habits of the orca are now just a few clicks away and that’s something we’ve never had before.

Yes, in years gone by we could have picked up a Reader’s Digest guide, a history book or travelled to a location and carried out our own investigations. However, as you can imagine, this process took time and effort, two things that most people don’t want to sacrifice in the pursuit of something new.


Enjoy Sport That’s Half a World Away

Thanks to technology, however, the process of expanding your mind can take just a few seconds in some cases. For example, how many of you knew that Australia’s National Rugby League (NRL) received record viewing figures in 2016…?

Despite being considered a two-state game (between Queensland and New South Wales) and subordinate to Aussie Rules, last year’s final between Melbourne Storm and Cronulla Sharks garnered 4.2 million viewers. That figure, in context, wasn’t far off the AFL (Aussie Rules) grand final which attracted 6.5 million viewers.

Part of the reason for this upturn in NRL interest is thanks to the Internet. Sports fans both in Australia and around the world can now get news, updates and even place bets on the NRL from anywhere they like. For example, at Oddschecker the site’s aggregation software not only collates the latest NRL odds, but a wealth of statistics and data. Through this interface, NRL novices can quickly get an acute insight into the game, the teams and the players and, basically, develop an interest in the action.


Take Yourself to a New Place with Ease

Similarly, did you know that Siberia accounts for 57% of Russia’s landmass? Did you also know that Lake Baikal in Siberia is not only the oldest and cleanest lake in the world, but it’s the size of the Netherlands? Despite being one of the most inhospitable places on earth, the Internet gives us easy access to a ton of information about the icy tundra.

What’s that, you’re interested in relaxation? Well, did you know that there is a whole movement on YouTube known as ASMR? Based on the body’s autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), these videos feature a series of “triggers” that basically send a tingle down your body and help to relax you.

Now, in the past it would have been necessary to visit a masseur or some form of meditation class in order to achieve a state of “relaxation”. Today, however, you can pop on a pair of headphones, load up a video from an ASMR artist like GentleWhispering and you’ll be able to enjoy a completely new experience.

Indeed, this, in a nutshell, is the Internet’s greatest gift. Being able to seek out and experience new things is something that has become markedly easier over the years. Whether it’s a new form of sporting entertainment, some kind of knowledge or a new way to chill out, the Internet has made all this possible and that’s something we should all be thankful for.


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