60 Best Nerd and Geek Christmas Gift Ideas You Should Check Out

All the nerdy and geeky gift ideas you could ever need to make your Christmas an unforgettable one for your family and close friends.

Christmas 2017 is nearly upon us! You know what that means: a lot of weeping bank balances and more deodorant and socks than you know what to do with. If you’re looking for cool nerdy and geeky gift ideas for someone else this year, though, we have you covered with our always growing ultimate guide of what to check out.

2017 has been a massive one for pop culture and geek media in general. We’ve had new consoles, a whole bunch of amazing games, and we still have the new Star Wars movie to look forward to – yes, porgs are of course a part of this list.

To make things easier, we’re breaking things down into different sections so that you can pick and choose your own nerdy gift ideas from what we’ve collated here. There’s bound to be something for a loved one in here, but we wouldn’t blame you if you did end up getting them some deodorants and socks.

Let’s get started.

Video Games Gift Ideas

As mentioned 2017, has been a huge one for gaming with new consoles and some incredible games grabbing plenty of attention. Our video game gift ideas cover some of the biggest games of the year and the console upgrades that could make a big improvement for those who’ve jumped to 4K.


1. Nintendo Switch

Source: Forbes

The Switch has had one hell of a debut year, already shifting millions of units and bringing out a couple of stone-cold classic video games. Its USP is that it can be played either on the home or on the go, meaning that you can take your game with you on the bus or while you’re sitting on the toilet; definitely an upgrade from Angry Birds. While you will need a lot of accessories to get the most out of it, the Switch has a bright future and could be the perfect gift idea for someone who’s yet to make the jump to the console.

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2. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey Hat

Mario is back in his maddest adventure to date, which seems him team up with a powerful cap to save Princess Peach once again from the clutches of Bowser. It’s a more open affair than recent Mario games and has already blown critics away, evidence by its huge ratings on Metacritic and OpenCritic. It’s not just one of the best games of 2017, but one of the best ever.

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3. PlayStation 4 Pro

PS4 Pro bundle deal

The mid-term upgrade for the PlayStation 4 has been a success, providing near-4K graphics and improved video game performances for those with a 4K TV. It might not be a big enough step up for those who already own a PS4 and don’t have a 4K TV, but if you’re looking for the most powerful way to enjoy the PS4’s massive range of great exclusives, the Pro is a must. We’ve got a whole range of different PS4 bundle deals over this way, if you’re interested.

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4. Xbox One X

Xbox One X

Billed as the “most powerful console ever”, plenty of gamers are interested in Microsoft’s upgrade on the Xbox One. It delivers sturdy speed and upscaled graphics thanks to the amount of surprisingly robust tech it has under its hood, so it definitely has people looking twice at what Xbox has to offer. The Xbox One family of consoles may lack many great exclusive games, but with Play Anywhere and a whole heap of great services in their corner, it’s earnt itself plenty of plaudits. Time will only tell how much the Xbox One X changes the landscape.

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5. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

Another Switch title that’s wowed gamers and critics this year, Breath of the Wild is the next entry in a series that doesn’t stop challenging and evolving itself. It could have been all too easy for Nintendo to have gone down a tried and tested route, but Breath of the Wild goes for more ambition than any other Zelda game to date and sits firmly as one of the very best in the series. No mean feat for a franchise that boasts so many bonafide classics.

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6. Call of Duty: WWII


One of the most successful FPS franchises of all time returns to its roots this year with the release of Call of Duty: WWII. Taking things back to where the series began, Call of Duty: WWII features the same gritty realism that recent games in the series have lacked. Early signs point towards this being something of a renaissance for the series, so if you know any lapsed CoD fans, this might be the perfect game for them this Christmas.

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7. HP Omen 17

HP Omen 17

The HP Omen series of laptops are solid introductions for anyone wanting to check out laptop gaming PCs. They aren’t robust enough to run absolutely everything fluently, but if you’re just after something that can competently play most modern games, you’re in luck. Compared to other laptop gaming PCs on the market, these HP Omen laptops also aren’t that harsh on your wallet.

Buy a HP Omen 17 gaming laptop


8. Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition

Another example of the PlayStation 4’s ever-expanding library of great games, Horizon: Zero Dawn wowed many when it launched earlier in the year. Its Complete Edition is the perfect introduction to the captivating world of Aloy and robot dinosaurs, also coming with its DLC, The Frozen Wilds, for a fair price. If your loved one has yet to check it out, this edition is the best way to do so.

Buy Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition


9. PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR headset deals

First things first: virtual reality is not for everyone. Some may feel nauseated while playing it for the first time, but many can gradually wean themselves out of it by taking their time with the experiences on offer. PlayStation VR is one of the most affordable solutions on the market, though you may need a couple of extra accessories to get the most out of it. Still, when you’re slashing and shooting your way through some of the best games it has to offer, it’s one of the most invigorating gaming experiences you will ever have.

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10. Humble Monthly

Humble Monthly

Think of Humble Monthly as a digital mystery box of games. Each month, Humble will announce its “marquee” game and then you have to wait until it properly releases to find out what’s in-store. While the results in quality may vary, there’s always value for money – plus, if you already own some of the games that come in the bundle, you can always gift them to friends. Perhaps the perfect gift idea for gamers who want to flesh out their Steam libraries.

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Gaming Merch Gift Ideas

Fandoms centred around the gaming community are just as, if not more, populated than some of the biggest movies and TV shows around. From The Last of Us to all thing Ninty, here are some of our picks for the best gaming merch gift ideas this Christmas.


11. The Last of Us – Fireflies Hoodie

The Last of Us jumper

It’s hard not to fall in love with The Last of Us, with the announcement of its sequel tipping hype levels over the edge. While we wait for more information on arguably the most-anctipated game still to come, pay homage to the guerrilla group that didn’t quit with this hoodie from Insert Coin. They also have a tonne of other great video game merch, so be sure to check them out.

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12. Nemesis Funko Pop Vinyl Figure – Resident Evil

Nemesis vinyl funko pop

Funko Pop vinyl figures are great ways to show love for fandoms, so why not check this out for any Resident Evil fans you may know? This figure is one of the more intricately detailed ones we’ve come across as well as being definitely affordable, so your loved one will have them seeing S.T.A.R.S. in no time. Or something.

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13. Nuka-Cola Blaster – Fallout

Fallout 4 Nuka Cola blaster

A neat little prop for Fallout fans, this Nuka-Cola blaster sits comfortably on your wall or around your desk. Sadly, it isn’t a gun that shoots Nuka-Cola as much as we want it to. Still, a collectible worth having for those with Pip-Boys.

Buy Nuka-Cola blaster


14. Cuphead Vinyl – Cuphead

Cuphead vinyl

If you want to give someone close to you flashbacks to a time when all they knew was death, get them this Cuphead vinyl. One of the hardest games of 2017 also had one of its best soundtracks, so this vinyl, filled to the brim with 51 tracks from Cuphead, might be one of the better ways to commemorate 2017’s biggest surprise hit. Just don’t blame us if they start crying as all the memories come flooding back.

Buy Cuphead vinyl


15. Big Daddy Plush – Bioshock

Cuphead Big Daddy

The true beginning of the “he protec but he also attac” meme, the Big Daddies found in BioShock are some of the most iconic characters in all of gaming. This pretty damn big plush is a great way to ensure your loved ones don’t fall foul to strangers who are susceptible to brainwashing. WARNING: may kill.

Buy Big Daddy Plush


16. Crash Crate Mug – Crash Bandicoot

Crash mug

Crash Bandicoot, err, crashed his way back into our hearts this year with a remastered collection of his greatest hits. So what better way to celebrate his return than with this mug, stylised exactly like the iconic crates seen in all of his games? I wouldn’t advise jumping on this, though.

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17. Geralt in the Bathtub T-shirt – The Witcher 3

The Witcher Merch

Do I really need to write anything here? Seriously? Okay, it’s Geralt in a bathtub. I don’t think I need to say or do anything else to convince you. You haven’t played The Witcher 3, either? Jeez, fix that.

Buy the t-shirt


18. The Legend of Zelda Chess

The Legend of Zelda chess

We’re getting into quite the niche here, but if you know anyone who loves The Legend of Zelda and has even a passing interest in chess, this beautifully crafted set might be for them. We cannot confirm or deny that a giant, angry moon may crash and destroy the board, however.

Buy The Legend of Zelda chess set


19. Metal Gear Rex – Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid as a series may be over, but its fanbase is certainly as dedicated as they’ve ever been, even if Kojima has now left HMS Konami. This construction kit allows you to build your own Metal Gear Rex, as seen in the fourth games, Guns of the Patriots. If someone you know loves MGS, be sure to give this one a look.

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20. Light-up Mario – Super Mario

Mario Pixel Pals

Take things back to when Mario wasn’t getting his nipples out for all to admire with this 8-bit statue that can also light up. Handy to have for anyone who likes to read at night or just anyone who likes a bit of retro gaming.

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Star Wars Merch Gift Ideas

Star Wars is a phenomenon that shows no signs of slowing down and, if anything, is only getting bigger and more beloved. With the upcoming release of The Last Jedi, there isn’t a better time to check out some of our Star Wars gift ideas for those who feel the force. We’ve got a whole lot more Star Wars gift ideas over here to offer you, too!


21. Phasma


Phasma, as the name suggests, delves deeper into the background of Captain Phasma, who first appeared in The Force Awakens. While it may not bring up any world-bending revelations, it does a good job of explaining the motivations of the villain as well as filling in some blanks. Recommended for any Star Wars fan who wants to flesh out the canon as much as they can.

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22. Star Wars: The Last Jedi Porg 16in Plush

Porg plush

Did we not say there would be Porgs? This pretty big plush is the perfect size for anyone who needs to be reminded that sometimes Star Wars isn’t all about good vs. evil: it’s about how cute some of its creatures are. Saying that, seeing this face in the dark could give you quite the scare…

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23. Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

Star Wars waffle maker

Look, I’m not saying that anyone would ever need a waffle maker, or even one in the shape of the iconic Death Star. But if the opportunity presents itself to you to own or give someone a Star Wars Death Star waffle maker, it’s something you kind of have to take. It will create conversation at awkward gatherings, if nothing else.

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24. Deluxe Lightsaber Room Light

Star Wars room light

Got a young relative who is scared of the dark? Illuminate their room with a lightsaber, erm, light! Fits pretty snugly on their wall, so as well as providing a light source, it can be used as an ornamental weapon to scare off the monsters. Can also come in red, just in case you have an evil nephew.

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25. Droid Inventor Kit

Star Wars drioid kit

If you have any budding Anakins in your family, this could be the ideal gift – it will allow them to make their own R2-D2. It’s packed with simple instructions and step-by-step guides, so you may not even need to help them out. Better yet, with the accompanying app, they can control the droid and even try out special challenges. It’s also highly customisable.

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26. Poe Dameron helmet

Star Wars gift idea: Poe helmet

This thing is multi-purpose: not only can it potentially save your life in the event of a spaceship crash, but it can also double-up as a fashion statement. Going food shopping? Let everyone know that you aren’t keen on The New Order. Visiting the doctor? Tell them that you have a habit of avoiding certain death without saying a word. It really is the gift that just keeps on giving.

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27. Porg electronic toy

Porg electronic toy

Listen, this is just the way it is now – Porgs rule all. So, while we appreciate our new cuddly overlords, let them waddle into your life with this electronic toy. Just like the “real” thing, this toy plods along and even waves at you. If it’s going to be a dictatorship, at least it will be adorable.

Buy on Disney Store


28. Kylo Ren Voice Changing Mask

Kylo Ren voice helmet

Unleash your dark side with this mask that promises to make you sound way cooler than you actually are. Think of it as the same as those classic Darth Vader voice-changing masks, but with Kylo Ren instead. You just know that the family will love singing along to Christmas karaoke while wearing one of these.

Buy from Disney store


29. From a Certain Point of View (Star Wars Book)

Star Wars gift idea: From a Certain Point of View Book Cover

If you’re looking for the quintessential Star Wars gift for the fan who lives, eats and breathes a galaxy far, far away, this comprehensive book could very well be the one. Featuring new information on the production of the most successful franchise of all-time, it’s an in-depth look at what it was like on set back before Star Wars hit the big time and everything that came after. From a Certain Point of View is already a New York Times bestseller and it’s only likely to sell more this Christmas.

Buy on Amazon


30. Porg Funko Pop

Star Wars Porg funko

Once more with feeling: who run the world? Porgs.
Buy on EMP

TV Show Merch Gift Ideas

From Stranger Things to Game of Thrones, the most popular TV shows are now almost like cults; people seem to obsess more over shows than ever. Our TV show merch gift ideas checks out some of the coolest products to impress your obsessive relatives.


31. Hawkins School T-Shirt – Stranger Things

Hawkins T-Shirt

Ahead of it inevitably being overrun by all sorts of madness in the third season, show your love for the haunting grounds of Mike & co. with this t-shirt. Even if you don’t love Stranger Things (ᴉu ʍɥᴉɔɥ ɔɐsǝ ʍǝ ɔɐu,ʇ qǝ ɟɹᴉǝups), it looks like a pretty comfortable top to wear around the house.

Buy on Amazon


32. ASOIAF collection – Game of Thrones

ASOIAF collection

Now that the TV show is going to be away for a long time before its final season, it’s probably a good idea to read the books that started it all. Heck, just like everyone else who read the books before Game of Thrones, you can get annoyed by all the things they changed. Don’t worry about the last two books still to come: they’re almost definitely not coming out ever.

Buy on Amazon


33. The Art Before the Horse – Bojack Horseman

The Art Before The Horse

One of Netflix’s biggest hits is more than just an animated show about a talking horse and his animal pals – it’s a contemplative, often unsettling series that hits close to home. Bojack Horseman also has a very distinctive art style, the likes of which you can find out more about through this detailed book, which includes artwork and also interviews with those involved with the show.

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34. Agent Cooper T-shirt – Twin Peaks

Twin peaks
Twin Peaks: The Return was one of the biggest TV events of the year and quickly picked up extra fans alongside its cult followers. This t-shirt is as confusing to look at as the show itself, so any TP fans might be in their element. Bonus tip: give a loved one a log this Christmas.

Buy from Showtime


35. Mysterion figure – South Park

Mysterion figure

This 6cm figure of Mysterion, who definitely isn’t Kenny, could be a nice little desktop companion for any South Park fans out there, or for anyone who’s making their way through The Fractured But Whole. The best thing about is that if you put it in a microwave/throw it from a great height/feed it to your cat, a new one will magically reappear the next morning!

Buy online


36. The Art of Rick and Morty – Rick and Morty

The Art of Rick and Morty

Despite not looking all that great from a pure technical perspective, as Darn Harmon himself put it, it takes a lot of effort to make Rick and Morty look bad. Find out why this basic but super effective style at the heart of the biggest animated show has charmed so many with this book, which chronicles the show’s production and notes from the animators behind it all.

Buy on Amazon


37. A Feast of Ice and Fire Cookbook – Game of Thrones

The Feast of Fire

Luckily for you, this cookbook based on meals from ASOIAF/Game of Thrones goes for finer dining than what most of Westeros are used to. Featuring recipes for honeyfingers, lemon cakes, and pork pies with a GOT twist, this cookbook could be a godsend for anyone sick of turkey.

Buy on Amazon


38. Lucille Replica Take It Like A Champ Edition – The Walking Dead

Lucille bat

This might not go down all that well on Christmas morning when a loved one pulls this out of its packaging to the horror of your grandmother, but you only live once. No info on whether or not this The Walking Dead replica bat comes with bits of beloved characters, sadly.

Buy online


39. Funko Action Figures – Stranger Things

Stranger Things figures

I’m not here to tell you who the best Stranger Things character is, but it’s Lucas. Pick up a shrunken down version of the show’s most underrated character alongside Eleven and Mike in this pack of three twee action figures from Funko.

Buy online


40. Saul Goodman diploma – Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul diploma

Just like Saul himself, pretend you know what you’re doing with this diploma, which would look great on your wall. If we see your face on gaudy billboards within the year, you owe us some commission.

Buy online

Wrestling Merch Gift Ideas

Wrestling lives or dies by its fans, and there are plenty out there who love nothing more than showing their support for their favourite wrestlers. If you have anyone in the family who likes WWE or even NJPW, or wrestling merch gift ideas should put you on the right track.


41. WWE Championship Belt

WWE Championship belt buy online

This kids sized WWE Championship belt would look pretty cool around the waist of a younger relative – you never know, you could help them become the next Shawn Michaels. There’s also an adult version, just in case. We won’t tell anyone you spent nearly $500, don’t worry.

Buy on Amazon


42. Roman Reigns Tactical Replica Vest

Roman Reigns tactical vest replica

He isn’t universally loved, but the man who retired The Undertaker has some sweet merchandise, at the very least. If you don’t like Roman Reigns, scrub out his logo and it can double up as replica of the original Shield gear – easy. It’s available in a bunch of different colours, too.

Buy online


43. Thwith Thyborg Cesaro T-Shirt

Thwith Thyborg

WWE can sometimes be mercilessly out of touch, but credit where credit’s due: this t-shirt is a blinder. After horrendously losing his teeth in a match, Cesaro became a meme unto himself and a lot of puns followed. This may very well be the zenith.

Buy from WWE shop


44. Bullet Club Kenny Omega T-shirt

Bullet Club Kenny omega

Bullet Club merchandise is everywhere, so why not join the pack and get a t-shirt styled after the stable#s main honcho? There’s a nice little Terminator vibe to this design as it’s often incorporated into Omega’s style, so check it out if you’re interested in all things NJPW.

Buy online


45. Counting and talking referee

Wrestling referee talking figure

Referees always get the bad side of the deal in matches: they get shouted at constantly and are often knocked out by gentle breezes. Sounds like a nightmare. If you want a referee to follow you around and count everything to three, this talking figure could be a treat. May randomly turn on you at any given second.

Buy online


46. WWE Money in the Bank Commemorative Briefcase

WWE Money in the Bank briefcase

Got any office workers in the family? Give them this for Christmas and immediately glam up their morning routine of walking to their cubicle. It will not let them cash anything in, though – Jinder Mahal will be WWE Champion forever and ever, anyway.

Buy from Amazon


47. AJ Styles Christmas jumper

AJ Styles Christmas jumper

The Phenomenal One’s merch reaches its peak with this phenomenally red piece of clothing. Mainly cotton, it’s a pretty comfortable looking accessory for Christmas Day, but I don’t think anyone will be able to forgive you if you complement it with AJ Styles gloves, too.

Buy online


48. Rock n’ Sock Connection T-Shirt

Rock and Sock connection t-shirt

Accompanying text not required.

Buy online


49. John Cena drawstring bag

John Cena drawstring bag

Weird, all I see is a blue bag with a bit of text. Impress your friends with this strangely vague and inspirational bag this Christmas.

Buy online


50. WWE Crash Cage Play Set

WWE Crash cage set gift

First things first: this is not life-sized. It’s a replica set. Now that you’re no longer worried about your home getting turned upside down, this play set is perfect if you have a bunch of figures that need to unleash hell on each other. It’s plenty interactive too, so be prepared to hear some mayhem go down on Christmas Day.

Buy from Amazon

Miscellaneous nerdy gift ideas

From home renovations to excessive televisions, here’s all the nerdy and geeky gift ideas for Christmas that we couldn’t quite fit in elsewhere.


51. Amazon Echo Plus

The tiny piece of kit that can make a big change to your life around the house gets an updated and bigger model for Christmas 2017. Controlled by your voice and compatible with all sorts of apps, including Spotify and tunein, the Amazon Echo Plus can also work with anything “smart” in your home, such as your sprinklers and garage door. Luckily, if you’re playing music through its seven speakers, the Echo Plus can still hear you and give you the weather info you need.

Buy from Amazon


52. Lego Batmobile Airlift Attack

Batmobile Airlift Attack

This frankly behemothic Lego set comes with 955 pieces, allowing you to create the Batmobile of your choosing. As well as the Batmobile itself, the set comes with Lego figures including Batman himself, Wonder Woman, Superman and more. Watch your living room floor become a blocky mess this Christmas.

Buy from Amazon


53. Displate Metal Posters

Displate X-Wing

Sick of paper posters showing the signs of wear and tear within months? Displate do a pretty rad range of metal posters from all things pop culture. I reviewed a set of theirs way back when, but they’ve gone on to make plenty of other great posters since then and greatly expanded their range.

Buy from Displate


54. Anki Cozmo

Anki Cozmo

Ever wanted your very own Wall-E to follow you around the house and be almost unbearably cute? You’re in luck with Anki Cozmo: a robotic companion who learns from you the more you hang out. As an added (and pretty awesome) bonus, you can unlock a whole lot more with this toy by using some code – a great excuse to nudge the kids towards a high-paying career. What?

Buy online


55. da Vinci mini 3D Wireless Printer

da Vinci mini 3D Wireless Printer

3D printing is a technology that is still in its infancy but showing signs of being very important in the future nonetheless. This mini printer may not offer the same kind of finesse and precision as a full-scale printer, but it could be a great way to try out the tech all the same. If you make any obscene gestures with the 3D printer, all the better.

Buy from Amazon


56. LucidSound LS40 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset

LucidSound LS40 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset

LucidSound are a wireless headphone maker on the up, and the LS40 may very well be one of their best efforts to date. Features DTS 7.1 Surround Sound and simple comfort, it strikes a balance between being top of the line and easy to use. I reviewed the LS20 a while back and was definitely impressed.

Buy from Amazon


57. Samsung POWERbot R7070 Robot Vacuum

Amazon powerrobot

What were we given hands for? I can tell you right now that they weren’t designed to wrap around a vacuum hoover handle. Let science take care of that instead while you use your hands for better things, such as stroking dogs and putting food into your mouth. This also pairs nicely with your Amazon Echo!

Buy from Amazon


58. Sony 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart

Sony XBR55A1E 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart

If you have a lot of money that you absolutely cannot be bothered to own, splash the cash on this extravagant Sony TV for someone you love very, very much. For the rest of us, let’s look at anxiously and wish we had more than potatoes to our name.

Buy from Amazon



HTC Vive

Virtual reality may not be for everyone, but if you have a PC gamer relative with a good rig who wants to try it out, the Vive is their best option. There are plenty of games for it on Steam that they can tuck into, too. Just don’t be surprised if they get sucked into new worlds and don’t want to return to the real one.

Buy on Amazon


60. Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

As streaming service slowly supersede normal TV, it might be time to get your loved ones to embrace the trend with an Amazon Fire TV stick. This simple little bit of tech plugs into most relatively modern televisions and can even provide 4K visuals. Plus, the greatest gift you can really give anyone this Christmas is the chance to watch Stranger Things.

Buy from Amazon

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