Another Opinion On This CS:GO Skin Gambling Bullshit

I’m not even going to pretend to be objective here. What Trevor ‘TmarTn’ Martin and Tom ‘ProSyndicate’ Cassell have done is inexcusable with the latter’s denial and subsequent backtracking saying a lot about what kind of human being he is. It’s deplorable, shameless, and certainly a graver situation than a simple tweet saying “my bad lol” will fix.

For those not in the know, here’s the gist: two millionaires have been influencing children to gamble. There’s more to it than that, but when you break it down into the basics of what they’ve actually done, the gravity of their actions is even more noticeable. Forget that they were abusing a popular video game’s easily manipulated marketplace for a second and just look at the overall picture: they were influencing impressionable children, their fans, some of whom idolise them, into gambling. How can you even begin to justify that?

The pair managed this by failing to disclose that they owned a website that prides itself on skin gambling, the already shady enough underbelly of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, all the while making videos of themselves winning big on the website. There was no mention of this fact in any of their videos with TmarTn even being as lecherous to suggest that he had simply “stumbled” across the website. Oh, by the way, he’s deleted all of his betting videos, because that isn’t an admission of guilt or being a gigantic shitwaffle at all.

If you thought a sincere apology was coming from the pair, you would be wrong. Initially, TmarTn completely denied any wrongdoing, staring into a camera with his dead, hopeless eyes and suggesting that people should be ashamed for suggesting that he would intentionally mislead and influence his young audience, all the while sitting in his mansion. Once he was found out, he deleted the video and issued an apology video with about as much sincerity as Kylo Ren on a bridge.

The whole mess is such a contemptible violation of trust that you have to wonder what else the pair have done to mislead their audience. This isn’t even the first time Syndicate has had a brainfart and failed to state the necessary truth. He once ran a video series showing himself and his friends playing an (absolutely shite) game called Dead Realm. No problem there, right? Well, it is when you’re heavily involved in its production and neglect to let your viewers know. Clearly this isn’t a man of principles and someone who shouldn’t be idolised by anyone of any age, let alone those that might be susceptible to picking up habits at a young age.

The pure greed of the pair, and the countless others who are yet to be found out, is probably the worst aspect of this. They’re Walter White sat on bundles of cash that they will never be able to spend, but they can’t keep totting it up, bit by bit, even though they know they have more moe than enough, far more than the majority of their subscribers will ever see in their lifetime. And they still stole the comparative little they had.

However, there’s one party that seems to be avoiding the backlash of the drama, despite them being arguably as culpable. Valve, although they’re embroiled in the same court case as Humpty and Dumpty, don’t seem to be getting half the hate online. It’s their broken system which allows people to gamble skins from their game, so it’s their responsibility to fix it. If Cassell and Martin are criminals, Steam and Valve are their money launderers.

YouTube’s reputation isn’t in the toilet, it is the toilet. It used to be a friendly community. Now you have to sometimes look much deeper to get past the clickbait, intentionally-perpetrated bullshit drama for outrage views, hateful comments and everything else that makes it such an unforgiving place to create and connect.

I know I am not the first to cover this, and there are certainly many better articulated opinions out there than mine, but I hope I am not the last. Until Trevor Martin and Tom Cassell face the consequences of their actions either in court or through their fame going the same way as the also disgraced Sam Pepper, the conversation shouldn’t end.

Here are better opinions and thoughts than mine. You should watch them.

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