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20th Century Boys
20th Century Boys

From the brilliant mind who brought you Pluto and Monster, Naoki Urasawa, is another fascinating mystery manga called 20th Century Boys. If you’ve found yourself here, then chances are you’re wondering the same thing as us: is there going to be a 20th Century Boys anime?

Officially, there’s no such indication, but as more of Naoki Urasawa’s critically acclaimed works have started being picked by large streamers, odds are a time when a 20th Century Boys anime gets commissioned isn’t too far off. While nothing’s set in stone yet, here’s what you can expect regarding the possibility of an anime.


When Is 20th Century Boys Anime Coming Out?

The 20th Century Boys anime does not have a release date since it hasn’t even been announced yet.

Recently, Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto received an anime adaptation that is streaming now on Netflix. It’s surprising an anime adaptation was released in 2023 as the manga itself is more than a decade old, however, at the same time, it opens up doors for other older works by Naoki Urasawa to be adapted. Especially with Pluto now released and receptive to universal acclaim by critics, Netflix or another big streamer might already be eyeing a 20th Century Boys anime.


What Is 20th Century Boys About?

Like Monster and Pluto, 20th Century Boys is a strong mystery story and it will keep you on the edge of your seat. It follows the story of Kenji Endo, a convenience store owner who learns about a cult out to destroy the world. However, the way they operate as well as their symbol eerily resembles what Kenji and his friends made up when they were little.

Things only become sinister when one of Kenji’s childhood friends commits suicide, putting Kenji in a race against time to stop the cult and its enigmatic leader Friend, who, as a matter of fact, might be someone from among Kenji’s group.


20th Century Boys Anime Cast

With there being no announcement of a 20th Century Boys anime, the voice cast for it also remains unknown. Thanks to better equipment and passionate actors, anime voice acting has considerably improved over the past decade, and as it is now, probably any actor for Yoshitsune, Kenji, Maruo, or Friend would be a splendid pick, albeit if fan casts are welcome, some of us would love Mamoru Miyano who plays Dazai in Bungou Stray Dogs to voice at least one character in the 20th Century Boys anime.


Where To Watch 20th Century Boys Anime in the US

As the 20th Century Boys anime has not been announced, you can’t stream it on any platform in the US. However, if an adaptation was in development, Crunchyroll or Netflix would be the prime suspects in licensing the series.


Where To Watch 20th Century Boys Anime in the UK

Whether you’re in the US, UK, or any continent, you can’t watch 20th Century Boys anime yet as it has not been greenlit.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to get into the manga, you’ll find all volumes available on retailers like Amazon, World of Books, and AbeBooks.


How Many Episodes Will 20th Century Boys Anime Have?

There’s no telling how long a 20th Century Boys anime could be. The manga consists of 249 chapters which is quite a lot of source material, and for an anime, that would easily amount to 80 episodes of 20 minutes each if production animates every panel. Of course, that number could be thinned down, but we’ll have to wait and see what the future has in store


Does 20th Century Boys Anime Have A Trailer?

As no 20th Century Boys anime has been announced, there is no trailer for it either. It’s a bummer that the manga hasn’t yet been adapted even though it finished back in 2006. Seinen manga aren’t as popular as Shōnen manga like Demon Slayer, so to an extent it’s obvious why 20th Century Boys hasn’t received an anime. But with Naoki Urusawa’s Pluto finally breaking the curse, the mangaka’s other works might soon follow suit.

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