10 Thought-Provoking Black and White Photos From History

There’s something captivating about looking back on lesser known parts of our history. Fragments of the past used to only be known because of stories told sat around the campfire and old wives’ tales passed down from generations.

Thanks to the advent of photography, we can look back and wonder with these black and white pieces of encapsulated time. Which photo interest you the most? Leave a comment below and we will research more information on it for you.

The remains of the astronaut Vladimir Komarov, a man who fell from space, 1967
Vladimir Komarov’s remains. The astronaut perished after a spaceflight gone awry. 1967


Elephant-mounted machine-gun, 1914
A soldier operates an elephant-mounted gun. 1914


Highway of Death, The result of American forces bombing retreating Iraqi forces, Kuwait, 1991
The aftermath on the Highway of Death when American soldiers bombed retreating Iraqi forces. 1991


Rudolf Hoess the commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp, is hanged next to the crematorium at the camp, 1947
The man in charge of Auschwitz, Rudolf Hoess, is hanged for his crimes. 1947


Italian Cavalry School, 1906
A student at the Italian Cavalry School gets to grips with his horse. 1906

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