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10 Awesome Pieces of Jurassic World Fan Art

Seemingly coming out of nowhere to fuel our fascination with popcorn, Jurassic World has dominated this year’s box office and conquered its fair share of records already. Not bad for a film that had one of the dumbest looking trailers ever.

We covered our thoughts in our Jurassic World review here, but in short, it’s a lot of fun that doesn’t quite come close to the level of dino excellence of the original. Put your brain on ice, pay over £10 for the largest thing of fizzy pop you can buy at the concession stand and just enjoy yourself.

One of the highlights of the film has to be Chris Pratt’s dynamic with “his” raptors. It’s very much a rocky relationship between the two species, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from “shipping” the unlikely team with some pretty great fan art.

1. Would kill for this crossover

Daenerys and Chris Pratt
Image source: nachosubirats.blogspot.co.uk


2. And this one

Jurassic World
Image source: schmoo15.deviantart.com


3. And also this one

Jurassic Galaxy
Image source: schmoo15.deviantart.com


4. Jurassic World 2 confirmed?!

Image source: imgur.com/gallery/vF2JX
Image source: imgur.com/gallery/vF2JX


5. They need their own theme tune

The Raptor Squad
Image source: atachi00.deviantart.com


6. I got nothing.

Jurassic World shipping
Image source: fashionablygeek.com


7. So much popcorn

Jurassic Avengers
Image source: apolar.deviantart.com


8. I don’t know why this is adorable, but it is

Jurassic World story time
Image source: raptordash.wordpress.com


9. Album waiting to happen?

Jurassic Galaxy


10. Yep, would buy.

How to Train Your Raptor

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